Defeat Diabetes Eye Problems with Annual Exams

exam ponsulakDo you have Diabetes? Then you are at a higher risk for eye problems. April is Defeat Diabetes Month. While scientists are still working to defeat diabetes, if you live in the Triangle, Raleigh and Durham residents can defeat future eye problems by taking care now and visiting Park Ophthalmology.

How Diabetes Affects Eyes
High blood glucose and high blood pressure from diabetes can hurt different parts of your eye, but retina damage is the most common problem Dr. Beth Friedland and her team can often encounter. The trouble is that it occurs slowly and most people don’t notice it until checked by the Ophthalmologist. Sometimes it can be discovered too late.

Your retinas have tiny blood vessels that can damage easily, especially if the patient has a history of high blood glucose or high blood pressure for a long period of time. The blood vessels will swell and weaken and may even become clogged. At first, a patient might not experience any sight problems, but as diabetes retina problems worsen, newer, weaker blood vessels grow and can break and leak blood into the eye. In addition, swollen and weak blood vessels can form scar tissue, possibly pulling the retina away from the eye.

Prevention is the Cure

Those with diabetes are also at higher risk for two other eye problems, cataracts and glaucoma. The good news is that you can prevent these problems by managing your health:

  • Keep your blood sugar levels under control. Good blood sugar will ensure your blood vessels stay strong and healthy.
  • Control high blood pressure, which can make any eye problems worse.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Visit your ophthalmologist at least once per year for a dilated eye exam. Opticians who only check your prescription cannot check your eyes for problems, and having your regular doctor look at your eyes is not enough for complete assessment.

Call Park Ophthalmology at 919 544 5375 as soon as possible if you have any of the following problems:

  • blurry vision
  • trouble reading signs or books
  • seeing double
  • eye pain
  • red eyes that stay red
  • strong eye pressure
  • spots or floaters
  • inability to see things out of the corner of the eyes

We hope to see you at Park Ophthalmology for your regular eye exam each year. Your eyes are too important not to have the best team in the Triangle assess your sight and your health! We can help manage eye problems related to diabetes. Make your appointment soon. We are the Triangle’s Eye Specialist.


Park Ophthalmology welcomes patients from all areas of the Triangle and offers a wide variety of specialized services including surgery for diseases of the eye, vision examinations, eye safety information, sports medicine protective eyewear and counseling, contact lenses and evaluation, and all types of ocular diagnosis and treatment. Many types of surgery are available, including cataract and laser surgery. We are here for you and your eye and overall health. Give us a call today!

This article about the benefits of eye care is brought to you by the professional team at Park Ophthalmology located in the Triangle Region of North Carolina.

The information contained in this blog article is intended solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be offered as medical advice.


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