5 Types of Eye Injuries that Require Quick Medical Attention

Park 07-06-15 100255310 phasinphoto FDPEye injuries can range from those that heal on their own to more serious problems than can permanently damage vision. Dr. Beth R. Friedland of Park Ophthalmology wants her patients to understand some common types of injuries and what to do about them. Certain injuries may require a trip to Park Ophthalmology’s office or to a Raleigh emergency room.

Five types of eye injuries that can require a trip to the doctor or emergency room:

  • Eye Scratches: If a speck of dust or other foreign object touches the eye, a person’s first reaction often is to rub. Resist that urge! Rubbing aggravates the problem. Although most minor scratches resolve on their own, they can become infected and should be examined by a doctor.
  • Foreign objects in the eye: Glass, wood splinters and bits of metal can penetrate the eye. Whenever this happens, a trip to urgent care or the emergency room is appropriate. No one should try to remove such an object.
  • Chemical burns: Cleaning products can spatter and splash into the eyes, causing irritation and burning. Flush the affected eye with tepid water for a full 15 minutes immediately after contact, then contact a doctor, urgent care or emergency room to get advice on what to do next.
  • Eye bleeding: Minor injuries to the eye can cause internal bleeding, turning the white of the eye bright red. This looks worse than it is, does not threaten vision and will resolve itself in a matter of weeks. Nevertheless, anyone concerned about the injury that caused the bleeding is always encouraged to have it checked out by Dr. Friedland.
  • Impact injuries to the Eye: Impacts by baseballs, hockey sticks, bats and sports equipment can break facial bones and can cause permanent vision loss. Whenever something hard impacts the eye, the patient should be examined by a doctor.

Contact Park Ophthalmology today to find out how to prevent eye injuries as Dr. Friedland encourages all of her patients to learn as much as possible about how to maintain eye health.


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